Rose Hibiscus Facial Mist


| 5 reviews

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Size: 100ml

A gentle and versatile facial mist made with steam-distilled, Organic Rose Hydrosol which hydrates and revitalises, giving you younger fresher looking skin.


Organic Rose Hydrosol: Extracted using steam, Rose water is a natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory which will soothe dry or irritated skin.  Vitamin A,C,D & E penetrate the skin layers to evenly distribute moisture, soften the upper layer and add true radiance.

Hibiscus: A natural source of Alpha-hydroxy Acid (AHAs) which help exfoliate and help clear blocked pores, it also supports the shedding of dead skin cells, wound healing and skin elasticity.


Use as a toner, after cleansing simply spritz on to the face before applying serums/oils or creams. 

Other uses to maximise the benefits;

  • As a make-up setting spray
  • reduce eye puffiness
  • day-time hydrator / refresher
  • after-shave treatment
  • make-up remover (add a few drops of your favourite oil and its a micellar water!

Suitable for dry to normal skin types

Ingredients: Bulgarian Rose Damenscena Hydrosol, Aloe Barbadenis, Rosa Sinensis

Ratings & Reviews

| 5 reviews
  • Been using this product for months. Every morning and every evening, its made such a big difference! My skin has cleared up and smoother, don't think I could do without it now that it's become a part of my daily routine

    Name: Zakiyya
    Location: Blackburn
  • Love this product ! Used it multiple times a day and lasted over 3 months. Definitely made a difference to my skin.

    Name: Mubeenah
    Location: Blackburn
  • The rose hibiscus is amazing! It works wonders on my skin and makes it feel alive and refreshed every time I use it. I’ve used it multiple times in a day in this summer heat! I’ll never stop using this now!

    Name: Fatima
    Location: Blackburn
  • This rose water is so refreshing and hydrating, I use it on my face and hair and have been for the past year it’s so good!! It leaves my hair feeling soft and my skin rarely breaks out thanks to this and the nourish facial oil God bless. Will never use another brand of rose water again.

    Name: Nafisah
    Location: Blackburn
  • This spray has become my daily family routine, everyone sprays it after washing their face in the morning, even my kids wants a squire as soon as they see it. It's been so cooling and refreshing while fasting too. I once used it on my Mil on a slow and long journey to London- worked a treat for refreshing us all 💕can't ever run out of this need it topped up always!

    Name: Fats
    Location: Blackburn