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| 11 reviews

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New Size: 30ml

A multi-tasking serum; formulated with herbal infused Rosehip Seed oil, carrot seed oil and coffee bean oil (to name a few!), this lightweight, highly concentrated serum will tighten, brighten and revitalise the under eye area. 

Key Ingredients:

Gotu Kola -
Improves blood circulation and speeds up the skins healing process.

Comfrey Leaf (knitbone) - Promotes skin cell regeneration, assists the body to heal.

Green Coffee Bean Oil - contributes to collagen production, deflates puffy skin by constricting blood vessels (thus, reducing the appearance of wrinkles).

Suitable for daily use, it will target puffy tired eyes, dehydrated skin, fine lines and dark circles and pigmentation.  Also highly effective on treating facial/body acne as well as reducing scarring to the skins superficial layer.

Directions: Apply ½ a pea sized amount on to the affected area AM & PM

Alcohol free

Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.


Ratings & Reviews

| 11 reviews
  • The regenerating eye serum has definitely helped with the puffiness under my eyes. I tend to use it all over my face to help with blemishes. I am currently on my second bottle!

    Name: Naila
    Location: Blackburn
  • I have gone through 2 of these bottles, and I have to say it is something I have really enjoyed over the last year. I hate sleeping without it, and get into a panic when i notice i’m running out! Looking forward to purchasing this again soon! Smells and feels luxurious, and very hydrating.

    Name: Tas
    Location: KSA
  • 1st of all im addicted to the smell its so heavenly! And so softt and my pigmentation has started to reduced and people have told me my eyes arnt that dark no more so im so excited to try more stuff. Iv reccomended these products to anyyone who tels me anyy problem they have! Lovee mashallah xxx

    Name: Maryam hafezi
    Location: London
  • I purchased this over a month back and been using daily AM and PM. I have extremely dark circles all around my eyes. Past few days I have been noticing the dark brown circles are a lighter shade. I am going to continue using and hoping the darkness gets lighter with this amazing cream. I have never had these results after using many many products for dark circles.

    Name: Runs
    Location: Blackburn
  • This product has done absolute wonders on my skin. I’m currently on my second bottle and I just can’t get enough of it. Works perfectly with the Green tea scrub.

    Name: Samira
    Location: Bolton
  • I purchased this serum to help fade pigmentation and the results have been amazing. It’s lightweight and applies easily, a little definitely goes a long way! My skin appears brighter and more even too. Thanks Aamena.

    Name: Ruks
    Location: Blackburn
  • Love this eye serum.....was advised to use it on my freckles to reduce its appearance and it’s definitely working. It has also brightened my face and little goes a long way. Will definitely re-purchasing.

    Name: Sumiyyah
    Location: Blackburn
  • This serum has reduced the lines in my under eye area and lightened it compared to what it was. I’ve had dark circles for years so I’m going to keep at it with my am and pm routine and keeping my fingers crossed that very soon I can reduce my use of concealer! IA! But I have to say it has lightened other areas on my face and I feel great for it for sure!

    Name: Fatima
    Location: Blackburn
  • I purchased this little bottle of magic in May and it’s still going in June. It wakes my eyes up in the morning and it has helped with my spot pigmentation. You only need a tiny amount on each eye am and pm. Will be coming back to purchase more. Thanks Ameena.💗

    Name: Raziya
    Location: Bolton
  • I have been using this product since March and i have noticed a change with my tired eyes. You only need a tiny squirt for both eyes and anything leftover I usually put on the rest of my face. It helps freshen my eyes and face which really helps on a morning. I try and use it twice a day and sometimes more. A product which i have recommended to friends and family. I will definitely be buying this product and others from the website in the future.

    Name: Farzana
    Location: Batley

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